All rooms are Non-Smoking. Rates and availability subjects to change without notice.


Change or cancel your reservation 72 hours prior to your arrival to avoid being charged for your reserved dates. You can be charged for all the nights reserved (including tax). We will not be able to refund any payment for no-shows or early check-out.  Please contact our Front desk for any questions.


Check in time: 3:00PM Check out time: 11:00AM. Upon check-in guests agree that their liability for this bill is not waived and the guest agrees to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, company or association, fails to pay for any part or the full amount of these charges, and the guest agrees to vacate the room or rooms by the time indicated.


Our guests are financially responsible for ALL damages to the hotel property caused by the registered guest or persons occupying the guest room. If payment by credit card you authorize Ala Mar Motel to charge your account for the total amount due.


We assume no responsibility for loss of money, jewels, or other valuables. We are not responsible for contents left in room or automobile.